Wednesday, April 29, 2009


下星期! 对! 就是下星期! 表弟忠文要结婚了! 好开心! 或许你感觉不到我的喜悦.....

小时和舅舅一家住在同一屋檐下, 看着四位表弟妹出世, 长大, 一直把他/她们当亲弟妹, 看看他/她们成家.... 心里的喜悦不是一般喔!

, 祝你新婚愉快, 永远快乐!

也愿其他表弟妹生活美满. With Love.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


要找真正的知己真难! 现代人都忙..... 各忙各的. 忙工作, 忙家庭, 没有多少时间能够给朋友.

缺少联络, 缺少交流.... 交情转淡. 最终忘了彼此. 是不是现代真情难寻??

朋友之间少了份"真",多了份"利益", 这样的友情, 个人认为难持久.... 你是否同意??

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


虽说这些节日已太商业化了.... 但在这感恩的日子, 还是想略表心意. 朋友们, 可有什么提议? 不妨说说......

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday Girl..

3 + 1

Haha... its now four in a family!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Live with no regret

We often do things that are not what we wish to. Always driven by third party’s “advice” or the “situation” and ended up not getting what we wanted.

Yes, regret is the word. But when we realised it…. it was too late.

In college, you knew well that you like arts…. but voices around told you that it wont bring you a bright future, go take up accounting. So you did, but only realised that you hated figures when you are forced to face them in your daily work. Regret!

Dating age…. you knew that Julie is better than Mary…. but voices around told you that Mary is richer, prettier and is of the closer education level to you. So you chose Mary, but only realised that she was just not the type for you and you should have married Julie instead. Regret! Again!!

Considering life is short, how many “Regrets” can we afford in life. People often don’t learn from their mistakes. Selectively being “forgetful”. Allowing mistakes to re-occur just at the snap of fingers. Generous enough to forgive ourselves for mistakes that we made. Thousands of excuses to escape from being blamed and corrected.

When will we get back to the right track? Living the non-regret life is the right thing to do and what we should be looking forward to.

Let’s hold our hands together and lead each other to the right track and live the better and “No Regret” tomorrow.



这是我养过的小狗 -- Snoopy. 孩子们还很想念它呢....
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